Vehicle physics package that is suitable for wide range of vehicles with main goal being that of realism.

Wheel Controller 3D is used for wheel physics while the rest of the system is being written from the ground up.


General features:
• Fast vehicle setup with quick start video or included manual.
• Seven vehicle prefabs of different types are included: sports car, sedan, 8×8 truck, monster truck, tank, city bus and semi with trailer.
• Suitable for wide range of applications.
• Runs on both desktop and mobile devices.
• Uses custom in-house wheel solution – Wheel Controller 3D – for 3D ground detection and high level of customizability.
• Per-wheel surface detection based on terrain textures or object tags. Different friction curves and effects for each surface.
• Suspend option for inactive vehicles which minimizes impact on performance while keeping basic functionality.
• Character vehicle changer that works with any character controller / game object, including other vehicles.
• Helper scripts such as analog and digital gauge controllers, camera and vehicle changers, center of mass and downforce adjusters, etc.


Vehicle Physics Details:

• Realistic engine power and torque calculation with adjustable power curve and RPM range.
• Functional forced induction.

• Gear ratios and final gear ratio.
• Dynamic shift point based on load.
• Three transmission types: Automatic, Automatic Sequential and Manual.
• Manual transmission supports both sequential and H-pattern shifting.
• Center differential: Open, Limited Slip, Locking or Equal.

• Geometry settings for each axle: Steering Angle, Pro/Anti Ackermann Steering, Toe, Camber, Caster and Anti-roll Bar.
• Adjustable power, braking and handbrake distribution.
• Per-axle differentials: Open, Limited Slip, Locking and Equal.
• Supports solid axle (check Monster Truck in the demo).

• Optimized queue-based mesh deformation that spreads processing over multiple frames.
• Damage influences vehicle performance and handling.

• All audio sources are set up automatically.
• Sound can be adjusted through Audio Mixer for all vehicles or though inbuilt mixer for each vehicle and each effect individually.
• Engine, forced induction, gear change, suspension, surface, skid, crash, air brake, horn and blinker sounds.

• Vehicle light system with low beam, high beam, stop and brake lights, blinkers.
• Can be used with any number of lights of any type and/or emissive materials.
• Persistent and well optimized mesh-based skidmarks.
• Exhaust particle effects based on engine state.
• Per-wheel dust and smoke particle effects based on surface the wheel is on.

• Desktop input using standard input manager with mouse steering option.
• Mobile input through on-screen steering wheel and pedals or tilt controls.

• Trailer is a vehicle in itself meaning all the effects that work on a vehicle work on a trailer too.
• Trailer gets input routed from the vehicle it is attached to which results in functional lights, braking, damage and even steering if needed.
• Built-in attach / detach functionality where any vehicle can attach any trailer with correct tag.

• Fuel consumption calculation using engine’s efficiency.
• Readouts in l/100km, km/l and US mpg.

• Universal analog and digital gauge controllers and lights for use in dashboard or HUD.

• Modular code structure for easy modification and upgrading.
• C# source code with XML comments on all public members.
• Tooltip explanations for all visible variables.

European Truck and Trailer and Super Car models provided by GAME READY 3D MODELS .


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Package is now available for purchase at the Unity Asset Store.