DWP is a floating object simulator that uses self-generated simplified mesh to create realistic behavior. Apart from buoyancy, it also simulates dynamic water forces making it suitable for both stationary and moving objects.



  • Fast and easy setup with no tweaking required.
  • Simulate any object shape.
  • Works underwater and in all object positions and rotations.
  • Works with joints and objects constructed out of multiple child objects, e.g. all the demo ships have functional rudders.
  • Water effects are auto-generated using simulation data.
  • Uses dummy mesh simplified by the built-in algorithm meaning high-poly objects do not affect performance.
  • Regular rigidbody with forces applied to it. No translation, etc.
  • Fast – less than a millisecond for 50 objects in the demo scene on a dual core CPU.
  • Suitable for desktop and mobile.
  • Uses Unity water by default but is compatible with all water systems without waves and those with waves that can provide water height at a requested position, while the effects work only with flat surfaces.
  • Included C# source code, manual and everything seen in the demo.